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Friday, April 09, 2004  

A National Roundup of Editorial Reviews of
Condoleezza Rice’s Performance

Readers will find below links to responses of editors many of the nation’s leading daily newspapers to the performance, and that really is the only word for it, of national security adviser and professional prevaricator Condoleezza Rice gave to both the nation and the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States yesterday, Thursday, April 8. (Note: Some newspaper sites require registration.)

Albany Times-Union: “The Rice Testimony

Arizona Republic (Phoenix): “A Competent Witness

Austin American-Statesman: “Bush Should Release Pre-Sept. 11 Memo About bin Laden

Baltimore Sun: “Going Strategic

Boston Globe: “Condoleezza’s Contortions

Charlotte Observer: “Rice’s Recollections

Chicago Tribune: “Condi’s Counterattack

Cincinnati Enquirer: “Rice Testimony Helps Along the Process

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Dangers Remain

Dallas Morning News: “Terrorism Neither Ignored nor at top of Agenda

Denver Post: “Still Seeking 9/11 Answers

Detroit Free Press: “Failed Intelligence

Hartford Courant: “Ms. Rice on the Stand

Indianapolis Star: “Rice Skillfully Defends Bush Policy

Kansas City Star: “Testimony Highlights Inaction by Rice

Los Angeles Times: “Is America Safer Now?

Madison State Journal: “Condi Rice Spins Out

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Rice’s Reluctant Testimony

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “Connecting Dots/Bush’s Culpability for 9/11

New York Daily News: “What Exactly Was Condi Rice’s Job?

New York Post: “Condi’s Coup

New York Times: “The Rice Version

Orlando Sentinel: “No Smoking Gun

Philadelphia Daily News: “Depends What You Mean by ‘Mistake’: Condi Plays Some Old Word Games With Sept. 11 Commission

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Panel Huffed, Rice Puffed

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “No Contrition for Condi / Long-awaited Gestimony on 9/11 Disappoints

Providence Journal: “Staple of Life in D.C.

Rocky Mountain News (Denver): “Rice Provided Panel a Sound Accounting

St. Petersburg Times: “The Terror Bureauacracy

The Wall Street Journal: “Rice on the Record” [Ed.: Subscription required.]

The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City): “Rice: Little Chance of Thwarting 9/11

Washington Post: “Ms. Rice’s Account

Washington Times: “A Panel of Partisans

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