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Friday, April 30, 2004  

Two Horsey Stories in One Week

An interesting juxtaposition in the Philadelphia news this week: Smarty Jones and the Philadelphia police.

The city of Philadelphia, for budgetary reasons I believe to be both real and imagined, and savings I consider both real and imagined, has decided, for the second time in 50 years, to disband its mounted police force. (See “The End of the Trail for Mounted Cops,” by Scott Flander.)

Big mistake. Minimal -- and undisclosed -- savings.

Yeah, “big mistake.” But how many times do Philadelphians have to say or think that -- “big mistake” -- before real governance takes hold of this city?

To ask the question is to (not) answer it.

Meanwhile, Smarty Jones, a Philadelphia-trained horse that is one of 20 running in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, is grabbing headlines and more.

For more information, see the Philadelphia Daily News: “No Kiss of Death Here,” “Unbeaten Colt in Good Position to Run for Roses,” and “Smarty Jones Ready for Servis,” all by Dick Jerardi; plus “Hanging Out with a Fast Crowd,” by Bill Fleischman, “The Smarty Jones Story,” and “Tips for Enjoying and Wagering on Smarty’s Derby Day.”

And in the Philadelphia Inquirer: “Spotlight Shines on Smarty’s Camp,” “Smarty Jones Installed as the Second Favorite,” and “Smarty Jones Runs Smoothly in Tune-up,” all by Mike Jensen.

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