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Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

And a Rehoboth Beach Memory

I received my annual Easter basket (actually, there have been many years when there was no basket whatsoever), this one a gift from my niece P., on Monday, the one-day delay meaning nothing to me since the cornucopia was replete with, among other things, chocolate malt eggs, one of my favorite seasonal treats.

Thank you, P., and thank you too, B. and A., P.’s mommies.

They’re almost all gone, the chocolate malt eggs, I mean, not P., nor B. nor A. The marshmallow peeps were devoured long beforehand. The jellybeans are next on my agenda.

All of this reminds me of my favorite ice cream sundae or concoction, one I first encountered in Rehoboth Beach, Del., some ten years ago.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of the shop that served this item, which they called, appropriately, a “Dusty Road,” and maybe it’s not proprietary to this particular shop; regardless, I remember the ingredients.

It’s rather simple, really. Just three items: coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup, and malt powder.


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