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Saturday, April 17, 2004  

Arlen Specter and Patrick Toomey

Yes, I know, that headline, “Nasty Republicans,” is redundant, but I like the sound of it, particularly when it comes to a discussion of the Pennsylvania Republican primary election for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Arlen “One Man, One Bullet” Specter, and his opponent, U.S. Rep. Patrick “One Man, One Major Donor” Toomey.

The primary is less than two weeks away, to be held on Tuesday, April 27, the very same day Pennsylvania Democrats will cast their votes in the Democratic presidential primary. (It’s okay; we’re really into history here. We’re used to this.)

And gee whiz, is this primary getting ugly. Or uglier, should I say. The Republican senatorial race, I mean, not the presidential primary. (Who cares about that anymore? Who cares what Pennsylvanians think about anything? Who other than me, of course.)

So little time, so many ads. TV ads. Radio ads. So many “mean” ads.

Many people get rankled about that, mean ads. I don’t. They’re fine by me. I say, “Bring ’em on,” as the President himself challenged not long ago. (Oh, wait, sorry, he was inviting terrorists, guerrillas, sociopaths, and juvenile delinquents to shoot at Americans at will. That’s another situation entirely.)

For the latest on the Specter-Toomey race from the Philadelphia Inquirer, see “Double Negative in Senate Race,” by Larry Fish, and, on the same topic, make sure you don’t miss “Specter Sport,” by Terence Samuel in the American Prospect.

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