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Tuesday, April 27, 2004  

Worst Actress

The polls closed at 8:00 p.m., Eastern time, and below are the official results of the Rittenhouse readers’ poll on the question “Who is the worst actress in the world?”

As with the previous poll, soliciting readers’ opinion on the most dishonest member of the Bush administration, in this poll the winner, or rather, loser, was the frontrunner from the start.

Madonna Ciccone: 122 votes, or 29%
Melanie Griffith: 68 votes, 16%
Andie MacDowell: 49 votes, 12%
Demi Moore: 46 votes, 11%
Anne Heche: 31 votes, 7%
Julia Roberts: 31 votes, 7%
Other: 30 votes, 7%
Sandra Bullock: 29 votes, 7%
Candace Bergen: 12 votes, 3%
Jane Fonda: 4 votes, 1%

I voted for Fonda, based, as noted in the past, on her dismal performances in “Julia” and “On Golden Pond.” I don’t know, maybe Fonda is more overrated than bad, and Ciccone, a/k/a “Madonna,” is an excellent choice.

A new poll will be posted tomorrow.

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