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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

My Friend Eric

My friend Eric Carra [] writes again today, and, believe it or not, he’s still not completely bugging me.

Mr. Capozzola:

Oddly enough, I DO have a fixed address (which I chose not to divulge; a wise decision considering you thought to post my e-mail address on your site ... maybe not the most adult thing you’ve ever done, but most of the spam and other such nonsense didn’t get past the SpamCam), I DID “attempt” to engage you in correspondence two times in the past, and, oddly, YOU did reply to me one of the previous times. A bland, pointless letter, I’ll admit, but you did reply.

Whether or not you believe I had anything of interest in the previous e-mails, believe me, I found it quite satisfying to point out your crying to you, on the off-chance [sic] that you might realize that you were behaving poorly [sic]. Whether or not you respond to this, or any other letter I choose to send[,] is, of course, entirely up to you; it’s not like I’m particularly concerned about your opinion of me.

Oh, and to clear up a point you might have been confused about (or your sense of humor is poor, one of the two): I’m not Norah Vincent. I can’t claim I even know who Norah Vincent is, actually.

Ta [sic],


The Rittenhouse Review responds:

With respect to Miss Vincent, consider yourself fortunate.

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