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Monday, April 19, 2004  

Still No Charges Filed

The case of Ashleigh Moore, Savannah, Ga., then 12, first reported missing on April 18 of last year and found dead nearly a month later, remains in limbo, that according to an update published in Sunday’s edition of the Savannah Morning News (“Ashleigh Moore: Still No Answers,” by Nate Reens). [Ed.: The Moore case has been discussed at Rittenhouse several times in the past.]

According to the SMN, the police continue to hold in custody their sole suspect, Bobby Lavon Buckner, the boyfriend of Miss Moore’s mother, as they have since last April, in part, no small part, but rather recent part, because, as Reens reports, “Buckner was ordered to serve 12 years in prison Thursday for multiple probation violations unrelated to the Moore case.”

Meanwhile, the SMN reports, David Lock of the Chatham County district attorney’s office “will not speculate on when -- or whether -- additional criminal charges may be forthcoming.” And, Reens writes, “Police are similarly silent on the status of the probe into Moore’s death. Detectives assigned to the case declined comment.”

Buckner’s attorney, Michael Schiavone, naturally, is skeptical, according to the paper: “Obviously they don’t have any evidence or they'd charge him. He’s being used as a scapegoat because they’ve got no case. They can’t prove he did anything to her.” Regarding the revocation of Buckner’s probation, Schiavone, according to Reens, believes it provides officials with the means to incarcerate him because they lack sufficient against against Bruckner in the Moore case.

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