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Friday, April 16, 2004  

A Poll in the Making

Okay, so it’s, like, 2:20 p.m., and I’m doing some blogging, some writing, and some research, and also pulling together a list of questions for a woman made famous in a spectacular trial in the late ’80s, someone I hope to interview next week.

Meanwhile, for background noise, and I mean that, noise, the television is on, tuned to Lifetime, which, at the moment, is playing “Once You Meet a Stranger,” starring Jacqueline Bisset.

It’s awful. Even for Lifetime, this is junk.

Now, either here or at my now defunct second weblog, TRR, I’m not sure where, I once told readers that I thought Melissa Gilbert was, and is, the worst actress in the world.

But now now, as I’m barely watching “Once You Meet a Stranger,” I’m wondering if that title -- worst actress in the world -- truly belongs not to Gilbert, but to Bisset.

And so I ask you, my readers, for nominations for an upcoming weekly poll: Who is the worst actress is the world?

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