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Thursday, May 20, 2004  

Or Maybe It’s Just News

First the bad news: As you already may have noticed, I haven’t posted today. I’m feeling a little under the weather as they say, or used to say. It’s nothing serious, no cause for concern. I even managed to make it to Mass for Ascension Thursday. (Did you catch that, Mom?)

I know, I know, a day without a Rittenhouse post is like a day without . . . well, it’s a just a day.

Now the good news: I have raised enough money to fund a trip to Portland, Maine, to participate in the last-minute activities and campaigning of Mary Beth Williams, a blogger running in the Democratic Party primary for a seat in the Maine House of Representatives. (As a result, that fund-raising appeal has been closed, though, as always, the tip box is open 24/7.)

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trip possible. It wasn’t easy: Just my luck, Mr. Big Shot from up the street is running a pledge week, leaving Rittenhouse to pick up the crumbs, but we managed to pull it off. (“Success!” -- A message to a specific donor; he’ll get it.)

I’m looking forward to the campaign, the trip itself (I haven’t been to Maine in 19 years), and getting away from Mildred for a while. Actually, that’s not true, it’s been 18 years I’ll miss her, the little slug.

Right now I’m at the PC and watching the Philadelphia Flyers at the same time. If some brilliant insight into the game or, more likely, some unrelated issue, comes to me there might be another post or two, but I promise nothing.

By the way, haven’t the recent terror-alert status photographs been both informative and interesting? They are part of what I’m calling the “Confectionery Series.”

[Post-publication addendum: It’s not too late to contribute to the Williams campaign. In fact, now is probably the best time to step up to the plate. The primary remains competitive, and Williams needs your support before voters head to the polls on June 8. This is a historic opportunity. Think of it: putting a blogger in public office! A first, as far as I know. And the election offers a terrific opening for “our side”: Maine, with its unusually conservative Democratic governor, John Baldacci, needs more progressive voices, and more women, in the legislature. I know readers are being bombarded with appeals for funds for numerous causes, charities, and bloggers (including this one), but if you have a few bucks to give a last-minute lift to the Williams campaign, please send them up to the Pine Tree State as soon as possible.]

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