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Wednesday, May 19, 2004  

A Little Help from Friends and Strangers

The Talent Show blogs on a required accessory for the Ultimate Game of Twister.

John Emerson of Seeing the Forest blogs on Rumsfeld and toast.

Jack of Ruminate This blogs on the seemingly contagious lunacy spreading among America’s Catholic bishops.

Fred Clark of Slacktivist blogs on Left Behind, the “novel.” (Apparently he’s reading it!)

Danny Loss of No Loss for Words blogs on what I hope to God really is the last Confederate widow.

Molly of MollyBlog blogs on IQs and voting patterns.

Madeleine Kane of Mad Kane’s Notables blogs on the mis-education president.

Steve of No More Mr. Nice Blog blogs on William Bennett’s lies.

Abu Aardvark blogs on media censorship in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt.

Vaara of Silt blogs on going Dutch.

Burce Garrett of The Story So Far blogs about cicadas in Baltimore.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden of Making Light blogs on how not to get your novel published.

Ginger Mayerson of The Hackenblog blogs about voter registration and getting the vote out. And she means it!

Avedon Carol of The Sideshow blogs about (Note: Link sends readers to The Sideshow, not

Uggabugga blogs on William Safire. (Note: Link sends readers to Uggabugga, not Safire. Who says I’m not a nice guy?)

World O’ Crap blogs on Ipecac-sponsored (Note: See note at the end of the previous paragraph. Mutatis mutandis, of course.)

Margaret Cho of Margaret’s Blog blogs on the creepy and lecherous has-been known as Hugh Heffner. (Adult language.)

Roger Ailes of Roger Ailes blogs on Howie Carr’s hang-ups.

Sadly, No! blogs on shorter stupidity.

Jesse Taylor of Pandagon blogs on Hitchens.

SullyWatch blogs on the unintended self-parody of you know who.

Tim Dunlop of the Road to Surfdom blogs on the contradictions of Iraq, or getting out of Iraq, or maybe not, depending upon what the new government says, or maybe they just hope nobody’s listening.

Reveries of the Solitary Blogger blogs on conservatives with their knickers in knots.

Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged blogs on Rudolph Giuliani and 7 World Trade Center.

Gary Sauer-Thompson of Public Opinion blogs on Gaza.

Anne Zook of Peevish blogs on a whole bunch of interesting subjects in one easy-to-use post.

The Poor Man blogs on coloring a blog.

Skimble blogs on Enron -- remember them? -- and 401(k) plans.

The Squire of Running From the Thought Police blogs on turning two.

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