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Friday, May 14, 2004  

But This is What I Meant

I know, I know, I just published a post saying I was taking some time off, but something more important has intervened.

As most regular readers by now have noticed, The Rittenhouse Review has endorsed the candidacy of Mary Beth Williams in the Democratic Party primary for the 116th District seat in the Maine House of Representatives.

It’s a rather rare event when I personally know a candidate running for public office. Rarer still is a candidate I know as well as Williams. Rarest of all is a candidate for whom I would throw heart, mind, body, and soul into her campaign.

Mary Beth Williams is just such a candidate, and, as I might note for the uninitiated, is, among so many other things, an accomplished blogger at Wampum.

For the Williams campaign, the primary election, slated for June 8, is far more important than the general election in November. Although nothing in this world, particularly in politics, is guaranteed, if Williams wins the primary, she will be in an excellent position to win the contested seat in the fall.

I recently offered my services -- anything ranging from writing, editing, talking, making phone calls, going door-to-door, attending polling places, or whatever -- to Williams, and she has accepted my offer.

It is, however, an offer that requires your help to finance this trip.

Rest assured, I am solely a volunteer and working with a very modest budget. I found a $29 fare from U.S. Airways from Philadelphia to Manchester, N.H. (one-way based on round-trip purchase, some restrictions apply, etc., etc.).

From there I plan to travel by Rent-a-Wreck to Portland, Maine, where I would spend five or six nights at the local Motel 6, or the regional equivalent thereof. (I love cheap motels. I really do.)

Aside from that, I would need funds only for meals, telephone calls, and possibly computer time.

In the great and noble, and, it goes without saying, fully in character, tradition of Joshua Marshall of Talking Points Memo, and taking the example of his appeal for funds to report from the scene on the New Hampshire presidential primary, I assure you I will be traveling like the proverbial hostelier and that I will end this specific appeal when I have assembled sufficient funds to cover my budget.

The best way to contribute to this endeavor is to hit my “tip box” at -- see sidebar at right under “Donations Appreciated” -- adding “Williams Campaign” in the memo line.

In the event I fail to raise sufficient funds, the trip will be cancelled, and anything sent to me with the notation “Williams Campaign” will be refunded.

Thank you in advance for considering support for this most worthwhile venture.

[Post-publication addendum (May 20): As noted in an item posted today, The Rittenhouse Review has raised sufficient funds to finance the trip to Portland mentioned above. Thanks to everyone who sent expressions of support!]

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