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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

From Boston to Los Angeles

Capitol Hill Sees the Flip Side of a Powerful Warrior,” by David Von Drehle, the Washington Post.

Democrats Calling for Rumsfeld’s Ouster,” by Sonya Ross, Associated Press, via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Female Soldier Charged in Iraq Abuse Case” by Margaret Lillard, Associated Press, via the Washington Post.

For Six Hours Onstage,” by Katharine Q. Seelye, the New York Times

He Apologizes, Rebuffs Calls to Step Down,” by Edward Epstein, the San Francisco Chronicle.

Iraqi Clerics Use Prison as Rally Cry,” by Vivienne Walt, the Boston Globe.

Pressure Rises on Bush Team,” by Linda Feldmann and Faye Bowers, The Christian Science Monitor.

Prison-Abuse Panel Is Third in Bush's War on Terrorism,” by Philip Shenon, the New York Times.

Red Cross Blew Whistle on Abuses,” by Bob Drogin, the Los Angeles Times.

Rights Groups Say Mistreatment was Reported Last Year,” by Farah Stockman, the Boston Globe.

Rumsfeld Accepts Blame and Offers Apology in Abuse,” by Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt, the New York Times.

Rumsfeld Apologizes for Abuse,” by Mike Dorning, the Chicago Tribune.

Rumsfeld Apologizes, Warns of More Graphic Abuse Images,” by John Hendren, the Los Angeles Times.

Rumsfeld Apology Fails to Quell Arab Anger,” from Reuters via the Washington Post.

Rumsfeld: It Gets Worse,” by Alan Freeman, the Toronto Globe & Mail.

Rumsfeld Offers Apology at Hearing,” by Daryl Strickland and Zeke Minaya, the Los Angeles Times.

Rumsfeld Offers Apology, Warns of Worse Pictures,” by James Kuhnhenn, Sumana Chatterjee, and Drew Brown, the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Rumsfeld Takes Responsibility for Abuse,” by Bradley Graham, the Washington Post.

Secretary Feels Heat, Buys Time,” by Doyle McManus and Paul Richter, the Los Angeles Times.

Senator Cites Rape, Murder,” by Bryan Bender and Wayne Washington, the Boston Globe.

Transcript of testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee (Washington Post).

Transcript of testimony before the House Armed Services Committee (Washington Post).

Photos of prisoner abuse (Washington Post).

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