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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

Philadelphia Stuff

Weather Blogging: If you’re not in Philadelphia you’re missing one beautiful day.

Real World Philadelphia: The Real Worlders are in town. And creepily close to my place.

Reading the Reader: I received my first copy of the Utne Reader today, that the result of the generosity of reader and blogger Jane Finch of Classless Warfare. Thanks, Jane! You rock!

Stamp Out Hunger: It’s most likely too late, but today is “Stamp Out Hunger” day in more than 10,000 communities nationwide, including Philadelphia. Leave a package of non-perishable foods at your door or mailbox and your letter carrier will take it to your local food bank.

Tragedy of the Day: It seems there’s one in the papers every day. Today it’s this: “Mother of Five is Shot, Dumped.”

Speaking Italian: I recently learned my next-door neighbor speaks Italian. Actually, he also speaks English, but with a very thick accent. I understand him better when he speaks Italian. Good practice for me.

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