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Saturday, May 08, 2004  

Step Up to the Plate
Deaners for Hoeffel

Former Vermont Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean is coming to Philadelphia.

Okay, not Philadelphia, exactly, but pretty close: to adjacent Montgomery County.

Why would Dr. Dean travel to Philadelphia? Or at least nearby? Aside from the obvious, I mean.

For a damned good reason: To support the campaign of Rep. Joe Hoeffel, the Democratic Party’s opponent to the vile and reprehensible incumbent, Sen. Arlen Specter (R).

The finance chairman of the Hoeffel for Senate campaign, Dan Wofford, says it best: “Joe Hoeffel is the first U.S. Senate candidate for whom Governor Dean has given his time and active support since his own Presidential campaign. Given the incredible energy and passion that his campaign generated, putting his proven fundraising ability to work for Joe sends a powerful message.”

Make no mistake: Sen. Specter is vulnerable. We (not the “royal” we but the “ordinary” we) can take this seat and put it where it belongs.

Come on board, you crazy Deaners!

I’ll keep you posted about the Montco (Montgomery County, for those not fortunate enough to live in the area) fundraiser. In the meantime, to contribute to Rep. Hoeffel’s campaign click here.

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