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Tuesday, May 18, 2004  

And Small Stuff and Odd Stuff
May 18, 2004

Still Living
President George W. Bush today nominated Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan to another term “not to exceed four years.” Greenspan is still living?

No Longer Living
Actor Tony Randall has passed away. The New York Times has posted one of its characteristically informative and interesting obituaries. They generally get obits right up there.

No Longer Taking
Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the Pentagon has decided to cut off funding to the Iraqi National Congress, the front group for discredited exile and greedy warmonger Ahmad Chalabi. This just happened? As in, today?

Scoring Above 700
According to “Want a Job? Hand Over Your SAT Results,” by Rebecca L. Weber, the Christian Science Monitor, some employers are asking recent college graduates for their SAT scores, apparently to confirm quantitative skills and to make the recruiting process more efficient. The rampant grade inflation at American colleges and universities isn’t mentioned, but I wonder whether it’s at least one factor.

We’re Number Six!
A local professor, from either Temple University or the University of Pennsylvania, or one from both, estimates that Philadelphia today or maybe yesterday (the article isn’t clear on several points) lost its place as the fifth-largest city in the U.S., having been overtaken by Phoenix. (That’s in Arizona. I think.) People are used to it here: The population of Philadelphia has been declining for 50 years. Hot on our heels is San Diego. Give it another few months.

Philly Boy, Philly Girl
A friend, his voice dripping with affectionate sarcasm, has given a new nickname to my bulldog Mildred: Smarty Jones.

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