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Monday, May 03, 2004  

The Middle East and Terrorism

Associated Press Smears Richard Clarke
Catch this pile of nonsense from repeater Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press: “Fran Townsend, 42, is President Bush's counterterrorism chief. Her targets are al-Qaeda and lesser-known terrorist outfits that have designs on Americans. And she goes about it quietly, in contrast to a predecessor, Richard A. Clarke, who has stirred Washington and gained national attention with his criticism of Bush's performance in the fight against terrorism.”


That Clarke, what a grandstander! I mean, who knew Clarke’s name before he left the Bush administration in complete and utter disgust?

Middle East Mess
American hostage Thomas Hamill, Macon, Miss., escapes from Iraqi captors . . . Nine U.S. troops killed in latest round of attacks. . . . Two Americans and three additional foreigners killed in Saudi Arabia. . . . Hundreds join in Philadelphia peace march. . . . Meanwhile, Iraqi captives talk of humiliation by U.S. troops, an issue on which I have just one thing to say: What the hell are American forces doing mistreating Iraqi captives when U.S. and allied forces also are being held hostage?

At this point, we’re just asking for it. Oh, wait, I forgot: “Bring ’em on!”

Likuds reject Gaza pull-out. Gee whiz, that Godforsaken strip of nothing must have really great beaches. . . . Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he plans to amend the “Gaza Plan” -- Whatever happened to Oslo? -- but, meanwhile, “Buoyed by Sunday's vote, Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip poured concrete for a new neighborhood Monday while ultra-nationalist Jews moved into an Arab district of Jerusalem.”

Well, that’s progress, or something, or just more “(contrived) facts on the ground” in the greater power’s favor.

Tolerance Abroad
Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar (R-Calif.) was in Israel over the weekend, dedicating a new museum in Jerusalem, the Center for Human Dignity-Museum of Tolerance, scheduled for completion in 2007.

Schwarzeneggar. Tolerance. Abroad. At home? Oh, that’s different.

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