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Tuesday, May 25, 2004  

Results from the Latest Poll

It’s Tuesday night, and that means the polls have closed and the results of the latest survey of Rittenhouse readers are in.

Asked to select which of eight broadcasters and cable networks they rely on most for news, readers by a wide margin chose NPR, garnering 45 percent of the vote, followed by the BBC, a distant second with a 25 percent share, and CNN, the top choice of 15 percent of readers responding to the poll.

The other options were left in the dust as shown in the table below.

1. NPR, 141 votes, or 45%
2. BBC, 78 votes, 25%
3. CNN, 46 votes, 15%
4. FOX, 13 votes, 4%
5. CBS, 12 votes, 4%
6. CBC, 9 votes, 3%
(tie) NBC, 9 votes, 3%
8. ABC, 7 votes, 2%

It looks like I’m a little out of touch with my readers, who I suppose really are a bunch of America-hating, old-Europe leftists. You see, I rarely listen to NPR (my regular radio news station is Philadelphia’s KYW, 1060 AM, an all-news outlet), and I only catch the BBC on the web. I can take or leave CNN; it’s handy when needed, but it doesn’t knock me over.

So, I opted for NBC. It’s not that I’m a big fan of the operation or of Tom Brokaw (let alone Brian Williams). It’s just that if I watch the local news it’s almost sure to be Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate, WCAU-TV, and I guess I’m too lazy to change the channel.

What I can’t believe is that I left out of the poll the best possible source of news: “The Daily Show,” with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.

Anyway, thanks for participating in the poll.

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