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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

Rodin vs. Santorum? I Can Hardly Wait.

Each week Philadelphia Weekly, the local paper that’s home to my friend and doppelganger Jessica Pressler (actually, we’ve never met, but she’ll get that remark anyway, I think), publishes a front-of-the-book feature they call “Heroes & Goats.”

The “Heroes & Goats” column from the Weekly’s June 23-29 issue features seven items (four heroes and three goats), two of which Rittenhouse readers should appreciate.

Under “Heroes” we find:

Judith Rodin: Buzz has it that the former Penn prez may enter politics and run against [Sen. Rick] Santorum [(R-Pa.)]. Heroes and Goats may be forced to drop the acerbic quips and volunteer to help unseat Senator Pinhead.

If I were Sen. Santorum, and I’m happily not, I’d be worried. Very worried. Not about the incipient political activism of Heroes and Goats, but about a challenge from Rodin.

And under the heading of “Goats” we read:

Ralph Nader: Picks no-name Green Party investment adviser from California to be his running mate. Boy, a move like that might just blow him past [Rep. Dennis] Kucinich [(D-Ohio)] in the polls.

The week’s “Heroes & Goats” is almost enough to make up for the Weekly’s cranky review of “Fahrenheit 9/11” by Sean “You mean there are people out there more intelligent, funny, talented, and accomplished than I?” Burns, also in the June 23-29 issue.

(Note: Apologies for the lack of direct links, but the Weekly’s search function appears to be in complete disrepair. I’ll try to fill them in later.)

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