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Saturday, June 26, 2004  

New Hampshire’s Not-So-Faithful Five

Let’s hope recent reports of support for the presidential campaign of would-be two-time spoiler Ralph Nader, bemoaned here two days ago, are exaggerated. The Washington Post today reports from Concord, N.H. (“An Outsider Tries to Shake the ‘Spoiler’ Label,” by Shankar Vedantam):

Ralph Nader was flanked by five supporters and two campaign aides at the Siam Orchid restaurant on Main Street. . . . . He looked at the menu and asked, “What’s the most innocuous combination of nutrients?”

“Mr. Nader, I’m Aaron Rizzio, and I’m your campaign coordinator in New Hampshire,” one man said from across the table. Nader smiled. Rizzio asked whether the candidate was ready to address a meeting of his supporters.

“Where is it?” Nader asked.

“This is it,” Rizzio replied.

That must have been quite a blow to Nader’s ego, and it gets better:

In private, four of Nader’s five supporters around the table said they will vote for Democrat John F. Kerry if polls in late October show Nader tipping the state to President Bush.

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