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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

In the News: June 2, 2004

Sotheby’s will auction miscellany from the estate of the late Katharine Hepburn in New York on June 10 and 11. In “The Stuff of Kate,” in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Miriam Hill reports items for sale include “a lock of Hepburn’s baby hair, her Bryn Mawr trigonometry exams and notes on Wagner, her wedding dress, and a diamond-and-sapphire pin that Howard Hughes gave her.”

Alexandra Polier gives a first-hand account of how Republicans, with help from the media, will smear anyone, with anything, in “The Education of Alexandra Polier” in New York magazine.

Franklin Foer examines the heretofore unexamined life of Judith Miller, New York Times reporter and WMD-hype peddler extraordinaire, in “The Source of the Trouble,” also in New York magazine.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports on Miller pal Ahmed Chalabi (“Chalabi Accused of Aiding Iran Spies,” by Bob Drogin):

Ahmad Chalabi, the controversial Iraqi exile who provided the Bush administration with faulty prewar intelligence on Iraqi weapons, recently told Iranian intelligence officials that U.S. eavesdroppers were monitoring top-secret communications by Tehran’s chief spy service, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

The officials said the apparent betrayal of America’s secret eavesdropping and code-breaking operation could pose a significant setback to U.S. intelligence, given Iran's nuclear program, its support for Islamic militant groups and its growing political and religious ambitions in neighboring Iraq since the ouster of Saddam Hussein last year.

With friends like these . . .

The New York Post today reports (“Subway Shooting,” by Dan Mangan, Murray Weiss, and Todd Venezia): “Monica Meadows, a 22-year-old Georgia beauty who recently moved to New York to pursue stardom, told cops she was sipping a soda on an uptown W train approaching the Times Square station when she heard a popping noise -- and saw her white sweater turn red with blood.”

The new weekly poll has been posted in the sidebar at right. Surely everyone has an opinion on this one: Coke or Pepsi?

In Philadelphia, or Catholic Philadelphia, there is much sadness and recrimination as St. John Neumann High School prepares to merge with St. Maria Goretti High School. Mike Newall, writing in Philadelphia Weekly has the details (“Marriage of Convenience,” June 8).

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