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Monday, June 28, 2004  

Items in the News
June 28, 2004

Holy Cow!
Did you know that a few years ago McDonald’s Corp. lost the secret recipe for the “special sauce” used on Big Macs? I didn’t either. For the details see: “McDonald’s Finds Missing Ingredient,” by David Greising and Jim Kirk, the Chicago Tribune.

Miss Manners Rules
Judith Martin, also known as Miss Manners, usually responds to one question from a reader in her Sunday Washington Post column. This week a reader asks:

I recently attended a black-tie scholarship awards dinner. I noticed that many women attending the event placed their purses on the table. Is this correct? Did I commit a faux pas by placing my purse at my feet?

For the answer, click here.

Lance It!
It’s that time of year again. Or almost, anyway. The Tour de France. Beginning Saturday, American cyclist Lance Armstrong will be going for his sixth victory in the legendary race.

A Place for Everything
Since there’s a museum for everything, it figures there has to be a web site for everything.

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