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Sunday, June 27, 2004  

Get This: He’s a Big Guy

I’d yell out “Alert the media!” except it appears wide swaths of the media already have been alerted or sent a memo or something, so I’ll just share the big scoop with you in the unlikely event you’ve missed it: Michael Moore is fat.

Here’s Richard Johnson, writing for “Page Six” in the right-wing New York Post today:

The portly provocateur appeared after a screening of “Fahrenheit 9/11” Thursday night set up by like-minded lefties at the American Civil Liberties Union at Chelsea’s Clearview Cinemas.

Reports our witness: “Preacher met choir as Moore roly-polyed his way down the aisle to brag about how well his film will do and to answer questions for 45 minutes as some hairy leftists lobbed adoring questions and others trickled out of the theater.”

Here’s a tip for Mr. Johnson, Mr. Bykofsky (see second addendum), and the rest, and Ralph Nader for that matter: We have TV sets too. We read newspapers and magazines. We know what Moore looks like. Give it a rest.

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