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Thursday, July 01, 2004  

Jill Hennessy Tops Reader Poll

Last Thursday I asked Rittenhouse readers to choose which of the five actors who have played the assistant district attorney on the popular NBC series “Law & Order” -- Richard Brooks, Jill Hennessy, Angie Harmon, Carey Lowell, or Elisabeth Rohm -- was best in the role.

This was a tough one. Although Hennessy, who played the role of Claire Kincaid, was the clear winner, she failed to garner a majority of votes, and the bunching of the results reveals just how good all of the actors are.

I had a hard time making a decision since I like them all for different reasons. In the end I voted for Carey Lowell, though on another day I might have voted for Angie Harmon.

I admit I cringed when I first heard Harmon was joining the cast; I was sure she would be terrible. Instead, she was terrific. Harmon’s performances were probably more consistently good than her peers, but Lowell at her best tops them all.

The complete results are presented below:

1. Jill Hennessy: 147 votes, or 38%
2. Angie Harmon: 102 votes, 26%
3. Carey Lowell: 63 votes, 16%
4. Richard Brooks: 53 votes, 14%
5. Elisabeth Rohm: 24 votes, 6%

Thanks for your participation.

[Post-publication addendum: Don’t forget to enter the Rittenhouse Healthcare Contest, posted June 30 (see fifth item).]

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