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Wednesday, July 28, 2004  

And Sen. Kerry Comes To Philadelphia

Theresa Heinz Kerry is on the cover of today’s Philadelphia Daily News, which means she is the cover of today’s Daily News.

Inside: “She’s My Kind of Wild Card,” by John Baer. Pull quote: “[F]or operatives, pundits and others weighing whether she’s a liability in the heartland, let me note that she’s not a candidate and the heartland isn’t stupid.”

And “Her Greatest Hits,” a collection of Heinz Kerryisms assembled by Will Bunch.

Also worth reading “10,000 Brave Storms to Cheer for Kerry,” by Chris Brennan, if only to get the real story -- before the “Gaffe! Gaffe!” screamers jump on it -- about Sen. John F. Kerry calling the Philadelphia Museum of Art a “library”: “‘It’s getting late, you know,’ Kerry said as the crowd roared and then started chanting his name. ‘I just walked through it and saw all the art. So I’m not completely dopey.”

Similarly, in the Philadelphia Inquirer today: “Kerry, in Phila., Vows Better War on Terror,” by Thomas Fitzgerald and Ira Porter: “At one point, Kerry stumbled verbally, calling the museum the ‘library,’ laughing as he corrected himself a moment later. ‘I just walked through it and saw the art, so I’m not completely dopey,’ he said.”

There’s a cool Kerry photo by John Costello on the same page.

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