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Friday, July 02, 2004  

How Do You Get to Rittenhouse?
Search, Search, Search

It’s Friday, again, and so I give and bequeath to you the details of just a sampling of searches that recently brought readers to The Rittenhouse Review:

herpes latest accomplishments 2004
Do they give prizes for that?

how can i help my niece with her narcissist environment
Wow, this is too big an assignment even for me. That said, I know plenty of narcissists from my days in Washington, D.C., a surprising number of whom are gay men practicing medicine and, despite their addictions to cocaine and methamphetamine, are even dabbling in psychiatry.

hairy bodybuilder gallery
Andrew Sullivan, please call your office.

Michael Ledeen denied tenure at Washington University
I’m not even going to “Google” this. It just sounds so . . . believable.

philadelphia gayborhood boundaries
I can’t recall having written about this matter specifically, but here’s my best estimate of the, uh, queried boundaries: From Broad Street east to 10th Street and from Pine Street north to Market Street. I no longer live in the “gayborhood,” but I was a resident of the ghetto for nearly 18 months, that until the coke whore who manages the building proved to be just too psychotic for me to deal with.

earth day co-founder ira einhorn
Wait, wait, wait . . . Don’t forget convicted murderer and nude cavorter Ira Einhorn’s first choice of defense attorneys: Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.).

anita hill necromancer
No, Anita Hill isn’t a necromancer. The searcher is probably thinking of right-wing New York Times columnist William Safire, known around these parts as “that nattering nabob of necromancy.” (Just an aside here: Based on my e-mail, Bill, if I may call him that, that wacky FOA, or Friend of Arik -- Ariel Sharon to those who don’t kiss the Likud Party chairman’s butt with Safire’s slavishness -- kind of gets a kick of that nickname.)

blair hornstine bryn mawr (And multiple similar searches.)
I don’t know what this is about other than Harvard no, Bryn Mawr yes. The whole thing reminds me of Brooke Shields preparing to enter college twenty years ago: Siena College: no; Princeton University: yes.

meaning of congenial cyst in the back of the brain
Nothing like a friendly boil, is there?

george will my business is my business
Snotty little Trinity College preppie, isn’t he, George F. Will? You know Trinity, don’t you? Not quite the Ivy League but almost, a place where the sons of sons (and more recently daughters of sons) go to take advantage of being rich, white, suburban, dim but accomplished test takers, and able to pay the full freight when the tuition bill arrives. See also legacy. See also Carlson, Tucker.

israel military homosexuality
Yes, it’s “allowed” there, and last I heard, the world’s fourth-largest military superpower wasn’t having any problems with it.

donald rumsfeld does his famous walk like an egyptian dance
Drinking problem or just a freak? Oh wait, he wrestled in college, remember?

where to buy a whole roasted pig in philadelphia area
Pull that pork and I’ll be there!

pole dancing class philadelphia
As far as adult education is concerned, the course I was recommended had an excellent placement record, not that I ever took them up on it.

real world house in philly
On this see Rittenhouse doppelganger Jessica Pressler, writing about Philadelphia’s “Real World” house in Philadelphia Weekly, the web site of which is again this week(ly) not cooperating.

sam waksal and rabbi friend
Jewish this, Jewish that. Who cares about the rabbi? We want Martha dish!

razor shaving in rittenhouse square philadelphia
Barber or lap dancer?

how to write words of condolences
Keep it simple. Very simple. You might be surprised how well received will be even a one-line quotation from a writer more eloquent than you, or perhaps, when appropriate, just a single Bible verse.

kenneth smith tax evasion boston south carolina
Whoa, that’s some big-time tax evasion.

mary george tonga peace corps
Aha! Something Rittenhouse actually wrote about, or at least cited: “The Sunday Book Review: On Saturday.”

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