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Friday, July 09, 2004  

How Do You Get to Rittenhouse?
Search, Search, Search

It’s Friday, again, and so I give, and bequeath to, you the details of just a sampling of searches that recently brought readers to The Rittenhouse Review:

Condi Rice is she gay
Whoa, I’m not touching that sh stuff.

maria bartiromo jonathan steinberg jewish
Okay, I know both of them. Full disclosure: Jonathan, husband of Maria, was once my boss. Jonathan, or “Jono,” is Jewish. Maria is Italian American, and thus, presumably Catholic. She may or may not have converted to Judaism upon their marriage. I don’t know. I never asked. They never said. And it never came up in conversation. Not even when she was clobbering me at the blackjack table.

rep. curt weldon whose office maintained he did not attend the event until i provided photographs of him there -- spoke beside a photograph of himself pinning an american flag on libyan leader moammar khadafy
Wow. Activism at its best.

cheney dark prince bush cocaine freak
That just about says is all, doesn’t it?

conservative in pa who will run against arlen specter
What’s the thought behind this search? The absurd notion that Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) isn’t a fanatical right-wing Republican? I mean, really, who thinks that anymore?

jobs that now hiring for 17 years olds in camden
Good luck, buddy. I’ve got a resume that would, in its impressiveness, scare the hell out of you, and I’m doing no better. In fact, I suspect we’ll be competing for the same jobs.

picture of laura ingraham in leopard skirt
You know, I get this one a lot. I’ve seen the photo. And if you haven’t, stop searching, because it’s very disappointing.

jessica savitch meltdown
I’m dying for a video clip of this. A little help please?

andy capasso hortense gabel
Oh, wow, the Bess Mess. (The search neglects to mention, no doubt to her great shame, its ultimate subject, Bess Myerson.) And here I thought I was the only one obsessed by this story. On this, see When She Was Bad, by Shana Alexander. I would offer to lend it to you -- and you’d like that, if only because the book is out of print -- but my copy of When She Was Bad currently is in the hands of Suburban Guerrilla Susie.

why do friendships break up over money
Oh, man, open a wound, why don’t you? The larger question: Why do relationships break up over stock options? Only Idiot Boy knows the answer to that question. (God, is that so ’90s, or what?)

konak restaurant 228 vine st. Philadelphia
What those people, by which I mean the Turks generally, can do with eggplant, you can scarcely imagine. It was at Konak to which I treated a favorite New York blogger to dinner during her visit to Philadelphia. (And that like never happens.) I’ll be back. Someday.

where did jon stewart tend bar in new jersey
I don’t know, but I hope he did better than two bucks an hour plus tips.

Laminate “North Philadelphia”
Gee whiz, that’s a lot of plastic.

tiffany midgeson
Tiffany Midgeson? Oh, that would be the drag name of New York Post performer -- and I mean that -- John Podhoretz, daughter son of neoconservative cranks Midge [Rosenthal] Decter [Podhoretz] and Norman “Have you seen my medal?” Podhoretz.

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