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Friday, July 16, 2004  

Keep Looking, or Wait for a Reader to Help

In a post published here earlier today, “Lady Lynne’s ‘Lost’ Lesbian Lyricisms,” a post directing your attention to “Throw the Book at `Em,” a recent feature story in PW: Philadelphia Weekly by Steve Volk, I noted, as had Volk, that Dick and Lynne Cheney & Co. had done an extraordinarily effective job at suppressing Mrs. Richard D. Cheney’s mutually bodice-ripping (and I mean that) novella (and though I haven’t read Sisters, I feel safe in saying, I mean that), to the point where it can scarcely be found in the United States.

After posting “Lady Lynne’s ‘Lost’ Lesbian Lyricisms” I spent some time hopping around the web looking for a used copy. First stop: eBay, of course. No luck. Then it was on to, Powell’s, and Alibris, and so on, and I got nowhere and I got bored and it was getting hot in here (inefficient air conditioning, not mutual bodice-ripping, I assure you) and so I gave up and went for a walk and to the local library and such.

When I returned home I found, as always, that a Rittenhouse reader had come to the rescue.

Reader S.F., of Washington, alerts me to a used copy of the Second Lady’s dirty book, available for sale at

I would tell you the price, but wouldn’t it be more fun to take a wild guess and then go look for yourself?

And it’s not even signed. Nor is it stained.

[Post-publication addendum: S.F. was destined to be a Rittenhouse reader. S.F.’s e-mail to me included the phrase, “holy moly,” as in “Holy moly. What’s that cost per word, I wonder?” And I thought I was the only person in the (English-speaking) world who said things like that, Batman and Robin excluded, of course.]

[Post-publication addendum: Have you hit the Rittenhouse tip box lately? It’s sitting, awfully lonely, in the sidebar at right, under the heading “Summer Drive.” Thanks a million. No . . . thanks a few bucks.]

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