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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

I’m So Disappointed in You

Rarely have my readers let me down at all, let alone so hard as they did this week in voting in the latest Rittenhouse reader poll that ended at seven this evening (Eastern time, naturally).

In that poll I asked readers which actor you thought was best in his or her role in the New York Police Department as portrayed in the NBC series, “Law & Order.”

Upon launching the poll a week ago, I thought that having offered you 10 choices this might be the first survey for which a follow-on, run-off poll might be appropriate. After all, I couldn’t imagine any of the 10 actors I listed garnering a majority of your votes.

What do I know?

Jerry Orbach, my own 10th choice among the 10 offered, ran away with it, picking up 58 percent of the vote.

Just as surprising, perhaps even more surprising, the incredibly untalented Chris Noth, my 9th choice among the 10 published, ended in second place, albeit a very distant second place, with a 16-percent share.

What are you people thinking? I know this poll is all about character actors and thus there’s even more room for disagreement among reasonable people than the previous “Law & Order” survey conducted here, but really, Jerry Orbach?

Character actor, or character?

In the event you care, after having narrowed down my choices, and excluding immediately Orbach and Noth, I pondered a selection of either Benjamin Bratt, Carolyn McCormick, S. Epatha Merkerson, or Paul Sorvino.

I voted for McCormick, the actress who portrayed Dr. Elizabeth Olivet, a psychiatrist with the New York Police Department whose therapy I would kill for.

Just kidding. Not kill, kill. I mean, I just think she would be better than any shrink I’ve ever talked to. Not that I’ve ever done that. Talked to a shrink, I mean. Beyond the most superficial of social niceties, of course.

The complete results of the poll are presented below:

1. Jerry Orbach (Det. Lennie Briscoe), 147 votes, or 58%
2. Chris Noth (Det. Mike Logan), 40 votes, 16%
3. S. Epatha Merkerson (Lt. Anita Van Buren), 27 votes, 11%
4. Paul Sorvino (Sgt. Phil Cerreta), 13 votes, 5%
5. Jesse L. Martin (Det. Ed Green), 10 votes, 4%
6. George Dzundza (Sgt. Max Greevey), 7 votes, 3%
7. Dennis Farina (Det. Joe Fontana), 4 votes, 2%
8. (tie) Benjamin Bratt (Det. Reynaldo Curtis), 3 votes, 1%
8. (tie) Carolyn McCormick (Dr. Elizabeth Olivet), 3 votes, 1%
10. Dann Florek (Capt. Donald Cragen), 1 vote, negligible

Thanks for your participation.

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