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Friday, July 16, 2004  

Name-Calling on the Right Wing

This is how the VRWC operates. Look, listen, learn.

Just over a week ago I posted a brief item here, “The Count Begins: Tarring and Feathering,” in which I took notice of the sudden propensity for pundits and bloggers of a certain disturbed inclination to call Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kerry “the most liberal senator.”

Knowing a bit about how well the right wing can stay on message, if only through repetition and regurgitation, I thought it might be interesting to perform a little study.

A simple Google search of the web employing the phrase “most liberal senator” and adding the word “Kerry,” on that day (July 7) yielded roughly 1,600 hits.

“Let’s see where we are a week from now,” I wrote, fully expecting the number to grow as the mimeographs that populate much of the media and the fringes of the blogosphere stayed on message and found new recruits in their little game of reiteration.

Well, here we are on July 16, and performing the exact same Google search -- “most liberal senator”+Kerry -- yields 3,280 hits.

The numbers speak for themselves, I think. They may as well, since right wingers obviously cannot think or speak on their own.

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