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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

Just One Example of Russert’s Incessant Stupidity: Get This

Just as the NBC television network this evening ended its Thursday-night coverage of the Democratic National Convention, Tim Russert, who has here or there earned a totally unwarranted reputation as “an expert,” “a tough guy,” or “someone to be feared” –- unless, or course, you’re a Republican, if which, case, well, the show’s all yours because you or somebody like you or somebody who likes you, somebody like the General Electric Co., or the Halliburton Co., or the Archer-Daniels-Midland Co., probably paid for the whole damned thing anyway –- though, getting back to [And not on!] Russert, the big-media guy who, in a more decent and honorable world, would still be writing wire copy, or maybe a blog that ranked somewhere below 500 on, had this stupidity to say tonight (I’m paraphrasing slightly): “As we head forward I expect you’ll see all the Bush children campaigning.”

Oh, so, Tim? You really-big-shot-kind-of-NBC-well-past-its-glory-days-kind-of-fake-fair- coverage, you. Who, exactly?

Which Bush children are going to do all this massive campaigning?

Jenna Bush? Possibly Barbara Bush, Junior, a/k/a merely, and I mean that, Barbara Bush, the one not, as best I can yet gather, nearly as snotty and nasty as Barbara Bush I, a/k/a, née Barbara Pierce, Rye, N.Y., degree from Smith College uncompleted, the cuckolded wife of former President George Herbert Walker [That “Walker” part was his mother’s name. The house in Kennebunkport, Maine, is named after the Walkers.] Bush?

Or are you, Big Influential Tim Russert, the one with the father about whom we couldn’t care less, casting about a very wide dolphin-killing net, one that includes such Bush-family luminaries as. . . Neil Bush? Or, Jeb Bush? Or, Noelle Bush? Or, Prescott Sheldon Bush? [Ed.: Oops, sorry, he’s expired.] Or, the much-lamented, so-felt-sorry-for-kind-of-hasn’t-accomplished-anything-in-her-life-except-a-nasty-divorce, Doro Bush? Wait, don’t let me forget Colonna Columba Bush! Nor any or “the little brown ones”!

What a sad, sorry little bit of so too overgrown a family.

There’s lots of them, yes, and so it’s in reality “a sad, many family,” but still so very, very sad.

And so small. So very, very small.

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