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Thursday, August 26, 2004  

Another Film Worth Seeing

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve been blogging persistently about “The Hunting of the President,” and as well I should be given how impressed I was by the film.

Now it’s time for me to bring your attention to another worthy film, just now starting to appear in theaters: “Bush’s Brain,” an informative, fascinating, and appropriately infuriating film primarily about the nefarious, and I mean that, Karl Rove, and secondarily about the current occupant, and I mean that, of the Oval Office, easily, to borrow from Helen Thomas, the worst president in all of American history.

Below is a list of opening dates for “Bush’s Brain”:

August 20
Dallas: Angelika; Houston Angelika; and San Antonio, Texas: Fiesta.

August 27
Austin, Texas: Alamo; and New York: Cinema Village and the Sutton.

August 30
New York: Lincoln Center

September 3
Encino, Calif.: Town Center; Los Angeles: Laemmle Sunset 5; Pasadena, Calif.: Playhouse; Santa Monica, Calif.: Monica; and Washington, D.C.: E Street.

September 10
Portland, Ore.: Cinema 21; San Francisco: Embarcadero; and Seattle: Egyptian.

September 17
Berkeley, Calif.: Shattuck; Chicago: Music Box; Palo Alto, Calif.: Shattuck; San Jose, Calif.: Camera 12; and San Rafael: San Rafelo.

September 24
Milwaukee: Times.

You can watch for upcoming release dates close to you by clicking here.

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