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Monday, August 23, 2004  

Ohio Tops Reader Poll

Before I left for a moving-related hiatus that took more time than expected (and, yes, I’m back now), I neglected to provide readers with the results of the latest Rittenhouse reader poll asking, “In which of these states do you expect the closest popular vote between Kerry and Bush?”

Ohio edged out a narrow “victory” over Florida, the two states garnering 34 percent and 31 percent, respectively, of votes from readers participating in the poll. I was strangely pleased to see Pennsylvania manage only a fifth-place standing. I take that to mean that most readers are convinced, as I am, that Pennsylvania will go to Sen. John F. Kerry come November.

By the way, I voted for Ohio.

The complete results are presented below:

1. Ohio: 113 votes, or 34%
2. Florida: 105 votes, 31%
3. West Virginia: 43 votes, 13%
4. Iowa: 19 votes, 6%
5. Pennsylvania: 18 votes, 5%
6. Wisconsin: 17 votes, 5%
7. New Hampshire: 15 votes, 4%
8. Michigan: 7 votes, 2%

Thanks to all who participated in the poll.

[Post-publication addendum: Reader M.P., an Ohioan, draws our attention to a timely article in today’s Washington Post: “GOP Hopes Local Turmoil Won’t Hurt Bush,” by John F. Harris. Harris writes: “[A] a host of local controversies have scuffed the Republican brand name in Ohio. The most malodorous of these involves allegations of improper fundraising and self-dealing by the two consultants [Brett Buerck and Kyle Sisk] to Republican state House Speaker Larry Householder.” And here’s a quote from Gov. Bob Taft (R): “Ohio may be this year’s Florida. This will be too close to call until November 2nd. I don’t think there’s any state that’s going to be as closely divided.”]

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