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Monday, August 02, 2004  

Items in the News, or Not
August 2, 2004

Work Until You Die
In case you haven’t noticed the ads yet, screen legend Lauren Bacall is doing TV commercials for the little-known retailer Tuesday Morning. You know, I would have thought Bacall’s place in The Dakota already had been paid for.

What a Racket
Publicly financed stadiums aren’t enough? Strangely capitalized partnerships not quite cutting it? Local tax subsidies insufficient? Apparently not. Now sports franchise owners have their grabby hands out for another $2 billion in tax breaks.

Call Me Clueless
I guess it’s all in who you don’t know. Killing time while waiting for an appointment, this morning I read Howard Gensler’s gossip column, “Tattle,” in the Philadelphia Daily News, and played a little game I enjoy.

It’s called “Who’s That?” and to play one uses the primary bold-faced names in the column. Play along using today’s “Tattle” column: Paris Hilton: know her (“Know” here meaning, “I’m familiar with the name but might not be able to pick him/her out of a line-up.”); Nick Carter: never heard of him; Usher: no idea; Joseph Bonanno Sr.: heard of him; Paul McCartney, heard of him; the Bangles, familiar with them; Guy Ritchie: not a clue; Esther Ritchie: no idea; Demi Moore: know her; Ashton Kutcher: hey, two in a row; Sarah Dunn: wait, three in a row! (Dunn is a former Philadelphian whose first novel, The Big Love, has been getting favorable reviews; Stephen Sommers: no idea; Bob Ducsay: nope; Jennifer Aniston: got that one; Cindy Margolis: can’t place her; Benji: know him, but he’s unlikely to be the one I remember; and finally, Lindsay Lohan: forget it.

Today’s score: 9 known, 7 unknown. That’s pretty good for me.

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