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Friday, September 03, 2004  

How Do You Get to Rittenhouse?
Search, search, search

Welcome to “Friday Fun,” the much-anticipated and always-appreciated supposed-to-be-weekly feature of The Rittenhouse Review offering a roundup of just some of the searches that brought visitors to the blog during the past week. Enjoy.

why filipino wants to become a U.S. citizen
Michelle Malkin, please call your office. Michelle?

zell miller lyndon johnson sold his soul
I’m betting the soul the searcher thought was sold was that of barking-mad Sen. Zell Miller (Unhinged-Ga.).

rittenhouse review
There have been an extraordinary number of searches lately based solely on the name of the blog. The only explanation I can muster for this anomaly is that a new group of readers is coming to the site based on an active, somewhat subterranean round of e-mails circulating around the world about an issue recently discussed here.

427th transportation company
See above.

john moore jr rittenhouse hotel plastic surgeon
Isn’t this the guy who did Sen. Arlen Specter’s “makeover”?

new kind of face lift in conshohocken pa
Please, Arlen, it’s too close to the election for another operation.

who is the best hairdresser in doylestown, pa
Must be Specter again. I know he really respects the recommendations of The Rittenhouse Review.

30th street station floor plan philadelphia
Terrorists, no doubt.

drink coffee can cause memory gap
“Coffee”? I think the searcher meant to enter “alcohol.” At least to the best of my recollection.

philadelphia flyers knitting patterns
Maybe it’s not such a bad idea if the Flyers took up knitting, individually or as a team project. Knitting seems to be helping kids who have taken up the craft. Anything would help over last season. And just don’t get me started about the Phillies.

what lady gets blamed for the philadelphia phillies always not winning
A wild guess: Mrs. Larry Bowa?

best salon for long hair cuts in pittsburgh
Are mullets still in style in Pittsburgh?

pretty chickens
Why be redundant?

someone to help with packing in reading, pa
Hey, call me! I’m still unemployed. Actually, yesterday marked 11 months of unemployment.

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