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Monday, September 27, 2004  

Local Media Coverage of the November Elections

More Polling: The Philadelphia Inquirer, which lately has been displaying an annoying (some might say lazy) fixation on polling numbers, today suggests Rep. Joe Hoeffel hasn't gained sufficient support from women and labor voters in his campaign against Sen. Arlen Specter. (That's according to the latest survey by the Inquirer and Temple University conducted over an eight-day period that ended Thursday, September 23.) Not the best news, but Hoeffel's advertising campaign isn't fully underway (at least as best I can tell) and 15 percent of those polled are still undecided, a figure that strikes me as high given Specter's name recognition throughout the state.

Cross-Voting: Inquirer columnist John Grogan today writes about Philadelphia-area voters planning to cross party lines in the presidential race in "Party Turncoats Have Their Say."

Gun Nuts and Nuts: Inquirer reporter Larry Eichel yesterday took a look at the situation in southwestern Pennsylvania (the greater Pittsburgh area) and said Republicans were doing better than in past elections. This, Eichel reports, is due to gun control or gun decontrol issues, with one area voter professing support for President Nut Gun with these words: "I'm terrified by Kerry. He doesn't have a clue. Sometimes, I think he'd rather fight the terrorists on the streets of Greensburg than Fallujah. And I worry that he thinks the Second Amendment is about deer hunting. It isn't. It's about defending yourself from the tyranny of government." Meanwhile, Pennsylvania's junior senator, Sen. Rick Santorum (R) chimes in with this: "It's an area of the state with traditional values, an area that feels like the national Democratic Party has left it behind. To these people, the idea that the Barbra Streisands of the world are going to set the values for them is anathema." Yep, that's our Johnny one note.

Abortion Rights: The Philadelphia Daily News editors, continuing their series, "The Case for Kerry," today weigh in on abortion and voting by students at local universities. The deadline for registration in Pennsylvania is Monday, October 4.

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