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Tuesday, September 07, 2004  

I’m Not Buying It

In the September 6 issue of Newsweek, in “The Road to Resolve,” by Evan Thomas, Tamara Lipper, and Rebecca Sinderbrand, we read:

It is easy to mark the turning point in George Bush’s life. It was the morning of July 28, 1986, when he woke up, wretchedly hung over after a night of celebrating his 40th birthday at the Broadmoor, a resort in Colorado, and decided to quit drinking. He did not seek therapy or join Alcoholics Anonymous. He just quit, and joined a regular Bible group. Before Bush gave up the bottle, his life was more feckless than accomplished. After that day, he moved from success to success. [Ed.: With more than a little help from family and friends, and friends of family, and family of friends, and family of family, and friends of friends.] Bush has been sober for 18 years (less time than John Kerry has spent in the U.S. Senate); for 12 of those years, he has been running for office or governing.

I challenge anyone who buys this story -- and accepts the president’s blanket refusal to discuss his use of cocaine -- to explain the behavior of President Scotch & Soda captured on videotape at the August 29, 1992, wedding of Bush family friend Jamie Weiss, which can be found at The Smoking Gun.

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