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Wednesday, October 27, 2004  

And Mine
Hacked and Trojan-Horsed

This, at 3:00 p.m., is my first post of the day. Sorry about that, but this morning and early afternoon were taken up by thorough diagnostic procedures performed on my PC.

It has not been a good day. My PC, or my e-mail account, has been trojan-horsed. As a result, some of you, readers with whom I have corresponded in the past, may be receiving e-mail messages that appear to be from me but actually are not.

Worse, my PayPal account has been hacked, or hijacked, completely draining my already meagre bank account and incurring a staggering $90.00 in overdraft charges. It will take at least ten days to sort this out.

Please be advised regarding e-mail that appears to come from me, especially messages with attachments, which I very rarely use. If in doubt, delete the e-mail immediately and without opening it.

Take this experience into account and make sure your PC is thoroughly protected against spyware, trojans, and keylogger programs. There are numerous programs out there, many of them free, to help in this regard. Use them!

I'm not saying any of this is politically motivated, but, really, these days you never know.

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