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Tuesday, October 05, 2004  

Ambassadors for Kerry-Edwards

Which presidential candidate is best suited to defend America and represent our interests abroad?

At a news conference yesterday in Washington, more than 180 former U.S. ambassadors, men and women who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, said it's John Kerry.

Ambassador Sol Polansky (Bulgaria, 1987-1990), speaking for the group Ambassadors for Kerry-Edwards, which includes more than 80 career Foreign Service Officers and 100 non-career appointees, said this:

The war on terror can only be won with the active cooperation of people and governments around the world,” said Ambassador Sol Polansky, who represented the United States to Bulgaria, and served as a Foreign Service officer for almost 40 years before his retirement in 1990. “We’ve spent our careers building that kind of cooperation for the sake of our country’s security. But in the last three years, the Bush administration has undermined the strong alliances American leaders worked half a century to build.

Ambassador Pete Peterson (Vietnam, 1997-2001) added this:

John Kerry has the capacity to renew America’s credibility around the world and find solutions to global problems. John Kerry will fight a more effective war on terror, and he has a plan to win the peace in Iraq. He has the strength, experience, and resolve to make America safer and more secure,” said Ambassador Pete Peterson, who served as U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam.

I noticed my second thesis adviser isn't on the list. That's okay. I was a neocon back then and I had to do a Google search to remember his first name.

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