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Tuesday, October 05, 2004  

Nods to the Blogosphere

Rittenhouse readers might think I spend much of my free time reading other blogs. I wish that were so. "If only I had the time," I keep saying to myself. But other demands get in the way: job-hunting (Hey! October 2nd marked my one-year anniversary!), trying to find a temp agency that won't automatically turn away a 40-year-old man who can type faster than most people speak, my own blogging, various writing projects, and my incredible so-called social life (A&E, TNT, Spike TV, Court TV, you get the picture).

Well, assuming my PC is truly up and running -- and that's a big assumption -- I think I'm now in a position to devote a little more time to staying abreast of the wit and wisdom of the blogosphere. After all, bloggers are now (again?) hot, hot, hot! (For which read, the New York Times Magazine has taken notice.)

And so today I begin an irregular series I'm calling "Don't Miss," posts that direct readers to one or more of the best blog posts I've seen recently.

I'll begin with my friend Tom of TBogg, one of my very favorite blogs. Although I suspect his site is already bookmarked in your browser, and though the post I'm citing is a few days old, longtime readers will understand why this particular post caught my attention.

The post is "Little Green Amnesiacs." (You know, I remember when a Left Coast blogger told me Charles of LGA is "a liberal.")

It's the kind of post I enjoy, but as I say to those who suggest I post this or that using this or that language, it falls under the category "Not very Rittenhouse."

Don't miss it.

[Note: Bloggers are welcome to send suggestions for "Don't Miss." Just don't abuse the privilege.]

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