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Tuesday, October 05, 2004  

Meeting a Fellow Philadelphia Blogger

Not long ago, Saturday night to be precise, I went to a dinner party in honor of the XXth birthday of a fellow Philadelphia blogger where I was privileged to meet another fellow Philadelphia blogger.

Said second Philadelphia blogger asked me a question I've heard several times before: "Why are there so many great bloggers in Philadelphia?"

Well, assuming, as I would, that he was speaking of bloggers other than me, but including the guest of honor, I could only direct him to the observation of San Diego's TBogg, who once observed (I can't find the link) that it's due to the combination of a concentration of really smart people and really nasty (that isn't the word he used) weather.

Maybe so.

Anyway, add another Philadelphia blog to your regular reading list: Avocado 8.

Lori is incredibly intelligent, witty, charming, and expecting. And she bought me coffee this morning, coffee over which we lingered for more than an hour, during which I was captured by her aforementioned intelligence, wit, charm, and expectation.

Bookmark Avocado 8. You'll thank me.

[Post-publication addendum (October 7): And Lori offers kind words in return. In the post above I neglected, or, more accurately, decided not to mention, that Lori is not only intelligent, witting, charming, and expecting, but also beautiful. Surely you agree.]

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