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Tuesday, October 05, 2004  

Fun Software!

I know readers have come to rely on The Rittenhouse Review to stay abreast of the current terror alert status from the U.S. Department of Heimatlandssicherheit Homeland Security.

But with my recurring PC problems and my unfunded photo-hosting account (Did someone say PayPal?), Rittenhouse might not be the most reliable source for an up-to-date reading on the "threat level."

Readers looking for a back-up source of information might want to install the Homeland Security Threat Monitor (version 1.0.3), available at

The creator of the HSTM says:

The Homeland Security Threat Monitor runs in your Windows system tray and displays the current color-coded terrorism threat level, as determined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It features five different display icons, blinking notification upon an increased threat level, and links to additional resources. The monitor periodically ensures that the security information is current by contacting the White House Web server.

Unfortunately, it appears the HSTM doesn't provide information on "split" threat levels such as that currently in place.

Once installed, however, the HSTM will update the current threat level every seven hours.

Yes, you read that correctly. Every seven hours. By which time, you could be dead. If this whole color-coded scheme really meant anything, that is.

(Whether or not you choose to download and install the HSTM, be sure to read the CNET user opinions of this oh-so-handy device.)

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