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Tuesday, October 26, 2004  

Local Coverage

Philadelphia Inquirer:
"Like a Rock Star, Clinton Draws Rapturous Fans," by Stephan Salisbury: "Lines of people four abreast snaked for blocks along Cherry Street, down 16th, around Arch, and on into a swirling mass of people. Teamsters. Boilermakers. African Americans. Young people. Veterans. Women. Lots of women. They transformed Center City into a jostling, jiving mosh pit." Boilermakers?
"Iraq explosives missing; Kerry faults President," by Tina Moore and James Kuhnhenn: "Sen. John Kerry, appearing at a Philadelphia rally yesterday in the final days of the presidential campaign, said President Bush's 'incompetence' was to blame for the disappearance of explosives from a former Iraqi military facility."

Philadelphia Daily News:
"Bill Steals Hearts in Philly," by Chris Brennan: "The crowd at the rally, Clinton's first public appearance since his Sept. 6 quadruple-bypass surgery, stretched from City Hall, across JFK Plaza and up the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to 17th Street. Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers estimated the crowd at 80,000 to 100,000."
"He Fills the Bill for Kerry," by William Bunch. Bunch outlines five reasons Kerry needs, and gets a lift from, Clinton in Philadelphia.
"Clinton Proves to be Tonic for Kerry at Rally," by Jill Porter: "the pontiff's 1979 visit and the 1980 World Series parade were, in my memory, the only other times so many people in this city poured into the city streets for a common cause."
"Poll: Terror Not Scaring Enough Voters for W in Pa.," by Erin Einhorn. Latest Pennsylvania poll: "The poll showed Kerry leading Bush by a five-point margin overall among both registered and likely voters, with Kerry leading 49 to 44 percent among registered voters and 51 to 46 percent among likely voters."

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