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Sunday, October 10, 2004  

These From The Rittenhouse Review

The Rittenhouse Review today adds five candidates to the list of those political aspirants the journal has endorsed in contests scheduled to play out in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on November 2.

The new endorsements are as follows:

Stevan Drobac Jr.
In Pennsylvania's fourth congressional district, located in extreme western Pennsylvania, Rittenhouse supports the insurgency of Stevan Drobac Jr. (D) against incumbent Rep. Melissa Hart (R).

Paul Kanjorski
In the 11th congressional district, squeezed between the Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania, Rittenhouse backs (And who wouldn't?) incumbent Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D), who faces minimal opposition, including no Republican challenger.

John Murtha
It will come as no surprise that Rittenhouse supports the reelection of Rep. John Murtha (D), one of Southwest Pennsylvania's best and lonstanding representives, this endorsement in full recognition and appreciation of Rep. Murtha's support of a return of the draft, though support at this journal is based primarily on tactical concerns.

Lois Herr
In the race for Pennsylvania's 16th congressional district, encompassing the greater Lancaster area, Rittenhouse throws its backing behind Lois Herr (D) in her campaign against incumbent Rep. Joe Pitts (R).

Mark Boles
Finally, in the state's 18th district, Rittenhouse is backing challenger Mark Boles (D) over the undeserving incumbent Rep. Tim Murphy (R).

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