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Saturday, October 09, 2004  

I'm So Disappointed

During Friday night's presidential candidates' debate Sen. John F. Kerry made reference to the support of his candidacy from actor Michael J. Fox who, as I'm sure you know, is living with the daily challenges presented by Parkinson's disease, and who, unlike President Anti-Science, backs an aggressive stem-cell research program.

For a variety of reasons, I am particularly interested in this issue, and I was pleased at the time to learn Fox not only decided to support Sen. Kerry but also opted to appear in television advertisements on the candidate's behalf.

I was, however, disappointed, astonished even, tonight to see Fox appearing in ads placed in the Philadelphia market on behalf of Sen. Arlen Specter (R), the incumbent in the quickly tightening race for the U.S. Senate from challenger Rep. Joe Hoeffel (D). (I think it goes without saying that The Rittenhouse Review has endorsed the candidacy of Rep. Hoeffel.)

I can only wonder what's going through Fox's mind as he endorses Sen. Specter over Rep. Hoeffel. Rep. Hoeffel's positions and votes on this and related issues at least exceed those of the incumbent and, more important, Sen. Specter can't hold a candle to Rep. Hoeffel in terms of credibility, consistency, and principle. Worse, in the unlikely event Sen. Specter wins reelection he will be even more beholden to the Bush administration than he already is.

If anyone has any insights on this matter, specifically Fox's inexplicable endorsement of Sen. Specter, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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