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Monday, October 18, 2004  

Your Opportunity to Blog

Call me confused. Call me biased. Call me a sheltered lefty. But like Gary Trudeau I don't understand the segment of the electorate known as "the undecided voter."

Who are these people?

Who are you?

I admit I don't know any such person. But in an effort to remedy my ignorance, I'd like to try something different: I'm opening this page to undecided voters.

If you are a regular Rittenhouse reader and a genuinely "undecided" voter, I'd like to hear from you.

Tell me, tell us, why you have not yet made a decision between Sen. John F. Kerry and President George W. Bush, what issues are most important to you, what you are waiting to hear from the candidates, and anything else that might elucidate your current stance.

The Rittenhouse Review will publish the best submissions, giving the elusive undecided voter the opportunity to blog for a day.

(Comments must be accompanied by a full name, address [city and state], and phone number, this for verification purposes only. If you would prefer your name not be published along with your comments, please so indicate upon submission. The publication of comments is at the sole discretion of the editor and publisher and may be edited for length, clarity, and style.)

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