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Wednesday, October 27, 2004  

Items in the News or Not
October 27, 2004

Gratuitous Bulldog Blogging [*]
My bulldog Mildred has surgery in her future. Three weird growths: a wart, a sebaceous cyst, and a skin tag. The girl's a mess. It's going to be general anaesthesia and everything.

Hua Mei's Twins
Hua Mei, the female panda at the San Diego Zoo, has given birth to twins. You can keep up with the progress of Hua Mei's cubs here.

The D-List
Speaking of Kathy Griffin, and we were, New York Times reporter Bernard Weinraub quotes the master/mistress ("Bringing the A-List to Its Knees"): "I love Mariah Carey. Remember the breakdown? I loved the breakdown. She had that breakdown, and they wheeled her out like Hannibal Lecter to sing at the Super Bowl."

Asking Amy
Do you read Amy Dickinson's column? You don't? She's like the Ann Landers/Dear Abby for people with brains. She's good today, especially given her ability to refrain from referring to the woman discussed in the first letter with the "B" word.

Partisan Review For Our Times
The fall number of the Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society, of which I am politics editor, is now online.

Once in an Orange Moon
The Great Pumpkin arrives.

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