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Tuesday, November 30, 2004  

But With Good Excuses

I hope you will forgive the lack of blogging here today and yesterday, and in so doing I ask you to accept, or at least take under consideration, my thoroughly reasonable excuses.

First, as you can imagine, after five days of “reading, rest, relaxation, and raw-hide bones,” time was needed to decamp from Chester County, Pa., and return to Philadelphia. Not more than an hour’s travel, but with the Conschy Curve and all that . . . Well, you gotta’ be local for that one.

Simultaneously, or at the same time, which is, of course, the very definition of simultaneous(ly), I was preoccupied by discussions related to a position of full-time employment, talks that sparked thoughts of – Dare I think it? – a regular paycheck and similar but ultimately rather ordinary delights, that after more than a year of unemployment, more than 12 months with no regular source of income during which I was ineligible to collect even a dime of unemployment compensation (contract employee, different states of residence and employment, etc., etc.). [Insert violin strains here.]

Orchestral string arrangements aside, let me here and now thank those readers who have contributed to the annual Rittenhouse fund drive. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Sure, with a job on the horizon now may seem like a good time to leave the drive behind, but to be honest, I have ample ground that needs recapturing, most important, the acquisition of a new PC (the library and the housemate’s laptop are less than ideal means of sustaining this project), and my prospective employment is in the dreaded arena of “public interest,” and, well, you know what that means.

Begging and pleading aside, or rather, put directly in focus, I hope you will give some thought to making a modest, or generous, contribution to The Rittenhouse Review by clicking here. Your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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