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Saturday, November 27, 2004  

An Intermittent Series on Irregularities & Oddities

From Houston:

A 5,280-pound Ten Commandments monument removed from an Alabama court building was displayed near a Bible monument at the Harris County Civil Courts Building on Friday to show support of religious symbols on government property.

American Veterans In Domestic Defense parked a flatbed truck with the granite Ten Commandments near the Bible display outside the courthouse.

"Our egregious judicial decisions are running roughshod over our Christian heritage, and we are tired of it," said Jim Cabaniss of Houston, the group's president, who is a retired owner of a company that built laboratories.

On Friday, the veteran's group drove the truck carrying the monument to the civil courts building on Fannin and parked directly in front of the entrance. […]

About 20 people were on hand to view the monument. Several parents and their children had their photos taken in front of it.

Barbara Casarez of Spring Branch said, "I wanted to see the wonderful monument and stand with the other Christians."

Donald Buzbee, 70, an evangelist from east Houston who protested removing the Bible from the county monument, said, "It is great to use this (tour) to stop the madness of the Supreme Court in ruling on religious issues."

The monument remained in front of the building for only two hours before heading for stops at Houston-area malls.

Attention Kmart shoppers, First-Amendment gutters cheapening religious values now in aisle three.

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