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Monday, November 01, 2004  

With Media Miscellany
November 1, 2004

Still Hanging Around [*]
There's always Lyndon LaRouche. Yes, the crazy convicted felon is still around, and so are his automatons. In Philadelphia the cult's members have set up a rather sad-looking table at 20th and Walnut Streets. Earlier this evening I watched as a woman, who may or may not have been a part of the cult, offered a two-dollar contribution. "Can't you give anything more than that?" the LaRouche-ite asked, quite nastily. "It's all I have. I have children." "[Expletive deleted]," the nut case responded.

Why Are Republicans So Sensitive? [*]
Touchy, touchy.

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Election Day [*]
Andrea Mitchell: Media whore.

The Woman is Cursed [*]
Michelle Malkin, Philadelphia, writes to the Philadelphia Daily News about, well, Michelle Malkin.

Great Graphic [*]
WTF Is It Now? has a terrific graphic up. We all need a laugh today. Oh, wait, WTF links to some sorry news as well.

Schwarzennegger Has No Coattails [*]
It's difficult to understand why Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) is interested in running for president (pending a constitutional amendment, minor detail) when he can't even demonstrate political leverage in this year's state legislative elections.

An American Hostage [*]
Reuters reports another American has been taken hostage in Iraq. Will CBS News hold President Miserable Failure to account, counting the days in captivity? What am I thinking. This president doesn't have to answer to anyone. Until tomorrow.

Osama and the Republicans [*]
Why do Republicans hate America and love the terrorists?

Off the Far Deep End [*]
U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes of Illinois, long on the fringe of the most extreme edge of the Republican Party, went off the far deep end yesterday, comparing Catholics to Nazis. Keyes will lose tomorrow, but he has a solid political future ahead.

Rehnquist Skips Court Session [*]
Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, 80, was a no show at the Supreme Court today, the first Monday in November, "at the suggestion of [his] doctors." [A.P. afternoon update: Rehnquist's cancer may be critical.]

Still Rowing
The Popsicle-Stick Boats gang is still running ads in Philadelphia. I saw their spot on WCAU-TV (NBC 10) heading into last night's 11:00 p.m. news and again this morning on KYW-TV (CBS 3).

Tom Tomorrow Today
Just in time for Election Day: A pre-election edition of Tom Tomorrow.

Whither Employment
Glenn Reynolds and other right-wing bloggers are enthusiastically flacking a new "report" that purportedly shows job growth on the mend. For his part, Reynolds posted an especially humorous item yesterday, "This Seems Like Good News," linking to a story by a Bloomberg financial news reporter and quoting two paragraphs from the article. To this snippet Reynolds adds, "I'm guessing this report won't get much attention." Easy guess. Why should the report get much attention? The "report" is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill, boilerplate preview of Friday's employment situation report, summarizing the expectations of Wall Street economists. It's the kind of piece financial news desks assign to junior reporters day-in, day-out; it's not a "report" in any sense of the term.

[* Note: Additional items may be posted to “Political Notes” after initial publication but only on the day of publication, excluding post-publication addenda. Such items, when posted, are designated by an asterisk.]

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