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Thursday, December 30, 2004  

Sen. Lieberman Pushes the Envelope of Irrelevancy

The Associated Press reports:

Sen. Joe Lieberman, traveling in the Middle East Wednesday, said there is strong support in Iraq for the Jan. 30 election, and postponing it would only be a victory for the insurgents.

In a telephone call from Tel Aviv, Israel, the Connecticut Democrat said conditions in Iraq, including an increase in trained Iraqi security forces, have improved since his last visit in July. And he said the escalating violence aimed at intimidating Iraqis to postpone the election or not vote is not working in most of the country.

And there’s this:

“Morale is high,” Lieberman said. “They’re serving with a real sense of purpose and they’re proud of what they’re doing. They are contributing in a difficult circumstance to a historic transformation.”

He said he did not hear any soldiers complaining that their vehicles were not fully armored, adding that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld answered that concern earlier this month.

But to whose satisfaction other than the gullible Sen. Lieberman?

Regardless, his are utterly, um, fascinating observations, as always.

And totally worthless.

Wake me when someone who matters has something to say.

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